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Cattle production is an ever-evolving effort, balancing the health of your animals with sound financial decisions is integral to the success of your operation. We aim to provide realistic advice and the services that serve this purpose and will keep you in the loop with changing best practices as they occur.

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Learn about our BSE Surveillance Program

The BSE Surveillance program was implemented to demonstrate to Canadas’ trading partners that we have a very low and declining risk of BSE throughout the country. The program is essential in maintaining open trading markets and we must reach minimum levels of test samples in order to reach international standards. Last year Canada was at risk of not reaching our minimum requirements. There is a national push to increase our sample numbers to ensure we meet and exceed these requirements.

What is a BSE Test?

When a Producer has eligible cattle that die or require to be euthanized, a certified Veterinarian can visit the farm, perform a post mortem, and collect brainstem tissue to submit for sampling.

What cattle are eligible?

There is a wide range of eligible animals, including; neurological, down, distressed, or dead. This includes situations such as broken limbs, lame and downer cows, cattle found dead, cancer eyes or lump jaws unfit for slaughter. All eligible cattle must be 30 months or older.

How does it benefit Alberta Producers?

  1. Do your part in helping keep our trade doors open for Alberta beef
  2. All mileage costs covered
  3. Producers are financially compensated ($75) for every sample
  4. Understand more about the disease process through vet post mortem

Are there any further Incentive Programs?

VSI members of Clear Hills County are eligible for a further $125 incentive ($200 total reimbursement)

VSI members of the MD of Fairview are eligible for a further $75 incentive ($150 total reimbursement)

Contact Peace River Veterinary Services at 780-624-1606 if you have further questions about the BSE surveillance program and eligible samples.

Links for further information

Government information page on BSE:

Link to video on BSE surveillance program:

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